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Playing back MIDI and monitoring external synth

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I hope I'm doing something wrong and that someone can help me out: I'm surprised that I'm not able to monitor an external synth that is playing back a MIDI sequence from MTS *without* recording the external synth. Here are the details:Set up MTS so that it receives both MIDI and audio from an external synth (you'll need at least two tracks, an Audio Track, so that you can listen to the audio, and a MIDI Track, so that you can record the MIDI).Play your external synth and record the MIDI and/or Audio in MTS. Listen to your performance and realize you suck and need to edit part of the MIDI sequence that you just recorded. :)Now is where the problem starts: it seems that you can't play back the MIDI sequence in MTS and monitor the audio from the external synth without recording the audio. Please tell me I'm wrong! Maybe I just have the monitoring options set incorrectly (but I don't think so). 


Please help.


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