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static crackle from guitar scratch plate

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I seem to build up a bit of a static charge on my scratch plate when playing my guitar (just like when you rub your hair on a balloon, expect this is done by rubbing my fingers over the scratch plate) Its not physically noticable (no shocks) but when i discharge the static by touching the scratch-plate i get a little "crack" sound which is a pain in the a$$ during recording. (similar sound to the old vinyl records static crackle, but just single clicks in my case)
i've tried anti-static spray on the scratch plate and all earthing is in place. I even tried changing clothing in case it was my nylon y-fronts! If my hand is a little damp it seems to cure it for a short while but i get fed up having to keep licking my knuckles mid-strum. (serious, this is no joke)
i wonder if there is a coating i could add?


Any help will be apprecited.


I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. 



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Thank you. 


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